Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho

Today we are preparing for Christmas .... making 'stoofpeertjes' and cranberry compote which makes the kitchen smell yummie! ........

Mister is enjoying everything (including X-mastree ho ho ho) as well as me typing on the laptop ... looking for the arrow going to left en right but does it really go to the back of the screen ...... hey were is it now ???? Right now he sits right in front of the screen so that leaves me no sight ha ha ha. He has been ill the last 3 weeks and there was poop allover the place ..... The vet gave him a injection and now he is doing allright so we are happy to hold him again!

Mister and we say: Merry christmas everybody!!!!

Tomorrow we will have company for X-mas dinner and we are looking forward to this special day! Tonight we will have a dinner for two ... a romantic time for ourselves!!!
Take care!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Mister is HAPPY and so are we!

Can YOU refuse this little face anything ?

We both are so happy with our litle 'guy', he shows his love to us every minute of the day...

He did NOT ruin anything ....yet .... keep fingers crossed :-)

He chases everything (his tail by choice)...

Do not leave a pencil waiting for the crosswordpuzzle on the newspaper .....

you will find it back under the couch ...

I am a little worried because he has a running eye, but that can be due to the shot he became at the vet's. So I am looking it closely for a couple of days.

Today I tried to make pics for our christmascards and it worked out very good (bless the one who developed cat treats !!!!!).

I am of to do some housework ... have to do it little by little because I have a very sore right shoulder. I fall down twice in the last 2 weeks (just being clumsy) and my weight was tooooo heavy for my shoulder muscles......

Have a great day and:
Take care!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Special day ....

Today is a special day for Peggy and Sebastiaan because they bought their OWN house. They still live apart so this is going to be a hugh turn in their lifes together! We congratulate our dear niece and her boyfriend with their HOME !

Mister is already totally 'at home' and remembers us at how it is with a cat ... jumps on everything ... so do NOT leave:
- scrapbookstuff (like flowers) on the table because that is simular to TOY !!!
- pillows on the couch or chair, they end up on the floor !!!
- empty bowl of yogurt on the table, has to be licked clean !!!
- your spot on the couch, it's warm and cats love warm spots !!!
- the door open, he'll jump up the stairs and hides underneath every little space !!!
- him with a NO because he doesn't (want to) understand ;-0

But he is tooooooo cute, can't refuse him a thing. We will enventualy I promise (hope???).

Have a great weekend y'all and ...

Take care!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Call me crazy ...... but I did it !

Last night I went to bed at 12 ... layed there turning and turning...

Finally I went down and layed myself on the couch acompanied by our little fellow. I felt so sorry for him to be all by himself in his first night in our house... He was so happy to see me and crowled all up in my neck and fell asleep and so did I !

At 3:30 I woke up, put him in his limegreen catbed and went upstairs to have a good sleep hahaha!

This morning he was sooooooooo playful, tried to eat: the newspaper, enveloppes that the postman brought, my fingers (!!!) but this was all nothing compared to the catfood I gave him a little later!

He usses him catlitter to play in and you can imagine how the wooden floor looks like ...... When I get the broom to clean it all, he chases the broom.... hahahaha. I am sooooooo happy that I am wearing the grin on my face again, which I thought had passed away...

Leave you with these pics:

Isn't he ADORABLE ????

.......and so handsome!

Take care y'all !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HE arrived!

Today is one of the luckiest days of 2008 ! We got a new familymember:

His name is : MISTER
He is : a CAT
He is: 3 months young
He was fostered by: Karin
His color is: grey with a little beige
He loves: sleeping in a neck (not specific mine)
He adores: playing with anything
He eats: catfood :-)
He snoops: catsnoops
He pee's and poops: in the catlitter
He sleeps: in a LIME GREEN catbed

He is sooooooo CUTE and we already love him sooooooo much! Wish he would sit still for a few seconds so I can take proper pictures ... He already thinks that his 'mommy' has ONE BLACK EYE ...hihihi.
I am off to bed ..... give the little guy some rest and get ready for new plays tomorrow .... can't wait :-)

Take care and ........ if you want to come by and meet our funny one please let us know!

Monday, November 3, 2008

really .... I am still here!

Hello everyone.... Yezzz, I am still alive ...... It has been a wierd past half year.....

When we came back from Italy my MIL was ill. We saw it was really bad with her but the doctors did NOT... Finally in August a doctor agreed to check her into the hospital.... it was already too late.... she had cancer in the latest stadium. Her last 2 weeks she spend in a hospice and all her kids and grandkids were there with her. It was a very special time : I got to see a MIL that I never had seen during the past 30 years....... I treasure this time because I had to say goodbye to a very loving and caring MIL, which I wouldn't have had if she passed away a year ago... We had a good time with our hole family and we all gave her a beautiful funeral, just the way she wanted. Goodbye 'Ma' and again ........ thanks for a wonderful boy who is my husband for almost 30 years now!

During all the running back and forth between my PIL's home, hospitals etc. Our home was getting new windows and doors, so every day there were people in and around my house working, wanting coffee .... 'something nice' with lunch (like soup or croquettes :-).... After 2,5 weeks they were done and the next plow of working people came in to redo our bathroom and downstairs toilet. It would take them 3 weeks they said....... but now we are 9 weeks further and it is still not 'all done'.... It is going to be beautiful (we still keep our hopes up.....)

When I write this down in just a few lines I think: That is not much, but belief me: my house has been a desaster area for over 3 months now....

To top things off : We had to lay our beautiful siamese cat Lady to sleep last week at the age of 18 years and 7 months ........... She has been in our home for over 15 years and gave us sooooooo much joy and comforted us when we were sad, always happy when we got home !

So I hope you understand why I didn't think of blogging in the last couple of months......

We are looking at the future now and hoping it will bring us some good moments to add to our memories over 2008.

Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment if you wish, so I do know there are people who check me every once an a while .....

In the mean time : Take care!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hello .... from Tuscany!

We found our way to Tuscany yesterday after being in Cinque Terre and Rome. We are in a beautiful silent resort and enjoying the sights of Chiusi/Sarteano. Although there is rain today we are relaxing every minute. After the walking we did in the northern part of Italy and walked (all of) Rome we so need this quiet time!

In Rome we joined the Pope on the St. Pieter square will he was having an 'audientie'. It was a surprise we actually got to see the Pope....
Right in the middle of the picture you see a man dressed in white.....

Offcourse we saw all the major sights like: Fontain the Trevi, Spanish stairs, National Monument and The Colosseum all worth while to see. Tell more about it in the future.
Now Tuscany is our 'thing to do'. Pray for good weather please....our plans need SUN !
Take care!!!